FedEx Office

An alarm clock hits 7:35am and starts buzzing. It gets slapped off by an intruding hand.

Our HERO sits at the edge of his bed, stretching and yawning. He hears another yawn from the other side of the bed.
Oh no, not this again…

His COPIER is on the other side of the bed, stretching and yawning too. He glances over at HERO to get it right.

Our HERO brushes his teeth at the bathroom sink. Right next to him, his COPIER brushes away too…

They go to spit in the sink and almost bump heads. HERO is not amused.

HERO and COPIER sit across from each other at the breakfast table, munching away on cereal, reading opposite sides of the box…

Our HERO drives to work. As his car drifts forward out of frame, the COPIER’s car drifts into frame behind him. He’s driving the exact same car…

A CUTE GIRL sits in her car at a stop-light. Noticing HERO, she smiles and flirts.

HERO, in the car next to hers, flirts and smiles back.

COPIER’s car drifts to a stop on the other side of HERO’s car. COPIER toots his horn and waves at the girl too.

The girl reacts awkwardly. Thinks it’s weird.

HERO is going for the last parking space at the office. As he tries to pull in, COPIER tries to beat him to it. The cars lurch and stop and lurch, vying for the parking spot.

The elevator door opens. HERO and COPIER stand there dressed almost the same..

They try to squeeze out of the elevator at the same time. But they won’t… quite… fit…

Two adjacent stalls in the men’s room. We see HERO’s and COPIER’s feet under the doors. We hear two toilet flushes…

HERO talks with they guys at water cooler.

HERO: “Hey guys, great game last night, huh!”

COPIER butts into the conversation.

COPIER: “Great game, huh guys!!!”

HERO and COPIER walk through the door to the boss’s office, each holding a stack of papers.

HERO: “You wanted to see me boss?”

COPIER: (simultaneously) “You wanted to see us boss?”

The boss at his desk. He doesn’t quite know what to make of the situation.

BOSS: “Ahhh… Congratulations, Mark. You got the sales manager position.”

HERO: “Thank you, s…”

The COPIER throws his hands up in a field goal pose. The stack of papers he was holding bursts into the air.

COPIER goes to high-five HERO, but HERO just shoots him a cold look and walks out.

VO: “Need to lose your copier?”

Cut to FedEx Office logo.
SUPER: “copy. print. pack. ship.”

VO: “At FedEx Office we can handle any copy job you want to throw at us. FedEx Office. Get rid of your copier.”

Lights down, the glow of the TV filling the room, HERO sits beside his girlfriend on the couch. He hands her a bowl of popcorn and puts his arm around her.

Another arm settles on top of HERO’s arm from the other side of his girlfriend…

We cut wide to reveal COPIER. He winks at HERO and digs into the popcorn.

Can be tailored to work for Staples or Office Depot.

Written by The Wolf Brothers.