AMP Energy Drink

Open on a Pleasantville type neighborhood. A firetruck is parked in front of a quaint one-story house. An little old lady stands out front as a fireman is heading up the ladder leaned against a large oak tree.

FIREMAN: “Don’t worry ma’am, we’ll have your Bootsie down in no time”.

LITTLE OLD LADY: “Ohh, thank you sir.”

FIREMAN: “Just doin’ my job.”

The fireman reaches the top of the ladder.

LITTLE OLD LADY: “Here. Use this…”

The old lady offers the fireman a cat toy mouse with a bell on it.

LITTLE OLD LADY: “It’s her favorite.”

The fireman takes the toy from the old lady and admires its’ cuteness.

He reaches into the tree to lure the cat out.

FIREMAN: “Here, Bootsie! C’mon little Bootsie!”

The fireman rattles the cat toy bell. We start to hear a bit of rustling in the tree.

FIREMAN: “Hang on. I think I got her…”


A wild ROAR rips from inside the tree…

The fireman’s arm is torn from his shoulder and disappears into the tree.


The Old Lady smiles sheepishly as blood spurts profusely from the Firemans’s shoulder.

VO: “Extreme Bad”

Smash cut to wide-eyed Teenage Skater Dude cracking open a can of AMP Energy Drink. He knocks back a hit…

SFX: “Crack!! Tsssssssss…”
KID: “Gulp…gulp…”

It’s so intense but he’s loving it!!!

KID: “Ahhhhhhhh…”

The Kid thrusts the can into the camera…

Kid: “Whoooooooooo!!!!!”

VO: “Extreme Good.”

Cut to product shot.
SUPER: “Extreme Good”

VO: “AMP Energy Drink. Extreme Good.”

Can be tailored to work for any energy/caffeine drink.

Written by The Wolf Brothers.