Las Vegas CVA

A DENTIST sits on his rolling stool preparing tools. The PATIENT in the dentist chair speaks to the camera.

PATIENT: “My best time in Vegas? That’s easy. I’m there for a weekend of golf with the guys…”

PATIENT: “One night we’re at this 5 star steakhouse, best steak of my life. This couple at the next table says they have a limo.”

The story starts to catch the dentist’s attention…

PATIENT: “The wife says, ‘Why don’t you guys come with us to this nightclub?’”

The patient points his thumb at dentist.

PATIENT: “Stu was there.”

The dentist freezes, realizing where the patient is going with this. He looks squarely at camera, quietly panicked.

The dentist rolls over to a gas tank labelled “NITROUS” and turns on the gas. We hear a loud hissing.

PATIENT: “So we walk into this epic nightclub, and the party is out of control.”

The dentist reaches to the counter behind him, grabs a clear gas mask, and puts it on.

PATIENT: “2AM rolls around and the limo driver leads us all into a private room…”

As the patient continues to tell his story, he begins to get groggy.

PATIENT: “The door closes behind… us… and…”

He goes limp, knocked out by the nitrous.

We cut wide. The dentist is staring right at us.

The camera falls to the floor. The camera man has also passed out.

As the gas continues to hiss…

Cut to Las Vegas logo.
SUPER: “Ixnay on the Egas Vay”

Written by Dan Sorgen.