Dairy Queen

Three overly confident BOY SCOUTS come through the front door of a Dairy Queen.

They approach the counter. One of them plops a cookie down and slides it across to the MANAGER.

DQ MANAGER: “What’s this?”

BOY SCOUT: “Boy Scout Cookie.”

DQ MANAGER: “Really? Looks like Girl Scout Thin Mints.”

BOY SCOUT: “Actually, it’s The Boy Scout Thick Mint.”

The DQ manager eyes the cookie suspiciously…

DQ MANAGER: “No… it’s two Thin Mints taped together.”

BOY SCOUT: “No it’s not.”

The manager pulls them apart…

… and we see the tape.

DQ MANAGER: “Yes… it is.”

The boys are busted. Panic sets it.


They scatter and run.

VO: “We’ll stick with the Girl Scouts.”

Cut to product footage and DQ music.

VO: “The Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard. Cool mint and creamy vanilla soft serve blended with delicious Thin Mint cookies. Accept no substitutes.”

Written by Shawn Couzens.