Capital One Cash Card

A backyard is elegantly decorated for a wedding reception. White string lights adorn the tables and trees. A banner reads “Congratulations Roger and Elizabeth!” As guests congratulate the bride and groom…

…we hear a PA kick on as the best man takes center stage for an announcement. He clinks his glass to get everyone’s attention.

BEST MAN: “Hey everybody! Let’s raise our glasses to our newlyweds!”

The crowd cheers and toasts.

BEST MAN: “And now, ladies and gentleman, Elizabeth has arranged a very special surprise performance for Roger.”

BEST MAN: “His all-time favorite! The Man In Black!!!”

GROOM: (beside himself) “No way.”

A Johnny Cash impersonator takes the stage, tunes up his guitar, and approaches the microphone. He launches into “Folsom Prison Blues”. As he begins to sing… he’s a soprano with a French accent.

JOHNNY CASH IMPERSONATOR: “I hear the train a’ coming’. It’s rollin’ ‘round the bend…”

An awkward silence falls over the guests.

JOHNNY CASH IMPERSONATOR: “And I ain’t seen the sunshine since, I don’t know when.”

On stage, “Johnny Cash” is thoroughly enjoying himself. He thinks he’s killing it.

JOHNNY CASH IMPERSONATOR: “I’m stuck in Folsom Prison…”

The bride, mortified, looks at her husband.

JOHNNY CASH IMPERSONATOR: “And time keeps draggin’ on…”

Cut wide to the whole awkward scene.


Cut to Capital One Quicksilver Card.

VO: “The Capital One Quicksilver Card. Low interest rates and accepted everywhere. It’s as good as cash.”


Can be tailored to work for Visa RUSH Card.

Written by The Wolf Brothers.